About Me

Hi there!

I started my journey a while ago, but never felt I was able to do something with the creations I made. So here we go!

I have sketched, drawn, colored and played with Photoshop since my younger teens. But didnt think that it was possible to actually have a job as an artist just then. Unfortunately, my artwork from then has long been gone.

I started Photography when I moved countries. I packed up all our belongings in Sweden, kids in hand and hubby by my side and moved to Wales, UK.

There I found the wonders of the Welsh scenery and fell in love with the calmness and serenity the different places gave me and felt my stress wash away.

My husband then gave me a camera for our anniversary and I havn't been able to put it down!

I hope you will enjoy my work and consider to buy a piece to give your home a piece of my serenity!